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Sources: Wenshi Ziliao 文史资料

July 31, 2010

Fudan daxue (Shanghai, China). Lishi xi. Ziliao shi. Wushier zhong wenshi ziliao bianmu fenlei suoyin. 五十二种文史资料编目分类索引. Shanghai: Fudan daxue chubanshe, 1982.

Organized by topic, this index lists articles published in 52 different Wenshi Ziliao collections up to 1981, representing all provinces and major cities. Personal names are listed by stroke order. The collections that are indexed are listed by title at the beginning of the volume. Extremely helpful for locating specific articles which are often not even indexed in the sets in which they are published.

Li, Yongpu. Quanguo ge ji zhengxie wenshi ziliao bianmu suoyin, 1960–1990. 全国各级政协文史资料编目索引. Zhongguo jinxiandai shi shiliao jieshao yu yanjiu congshu. Beijing: Zhongguo wenshi chubanshe, 1992.

Index to articles published in over 2,300 kinds of Wenshi ziliao from the county level and above. It has five volumes: politics, military and foreign affairs; economy and culture; society and geography; people(2 vol.). Each volume is organized by subject. Each entry provides information on title, author and source.

Zhongguo renmin zhengzhi xieshang huiyi. Quanguo weiyuan hui. Wenshi ziliao yanjiu weiyuanhui. “Wenshi ziliao xuanji” bianmu fenlei suoyin: di 1 zhi 100 ji. 文史资料选集编目分类索引. Beijing: Zhongguo wenshi chubanshe, 1986.

Indexes the articles in the first 100 issues of the “quanguo” (all provinces of China) Wenshi Ziliao collection. Organized broadly by topic and subsequently in chronological order. Personal names are listed separately by stroke order. The three number reference, such as, 2-55-1, indicates the issue number-the page number-bound volume number.

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