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Sources: Newspapers – Local & Evening Papers

July 31, 2010

Xinye bao. 新夜報. Shanghai, China, 1932–1949.

A daily evening newspaper published in Shanghai. Includes a wide variety of articles and other items on politics, culture, economics and humor. For example, the 6/19/46 issue included: book, film and theater reviews; an opinion piece on educational movies for children; cases of improper behavior and extravagence; stock market figures; episodes of serial fiction stories; jokes and musings (e.g. “A day in the life of a bench in a foreign public park”); and articles on freedom of the press, political criticism, counterfeit money, electrical power, traitors, nuclear war, and the flooding of the market with American products.

Shidai wanbao. 時代晚報. Microfilm ed. Xiamen, 1946.

Published in Amoy, Fujian. Microfilm from originals at the Beijing Library available from 1946-49, a daily evening newspaper with 4 pages. Besides important international and domestic news , it reported local news, market information, and entertainment news. It also contained articles on local problems and Oversea Chinese.

Xi’an wanbao. 西安晚報. Xi’an: Kai she, 1938–1945.

This daily broadsheet ran during the War of Resistance period, 1938-1945. Its front page was entirely devoted to war coverage. The second page maintained a broader social and cultural focus, containing an ongoing serial, special weekly sections on the war effort which included patriotic songs and stories of popular participation, a weekly section on women, a weekly section on education, and weekly movie reviews and entertainment news.


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