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Sources: Newspapers – Dictionaries & Reference Works

July 27, 2010

Britton, Roswell Sessoms. The Chinese periodical press, 1800-1912. Shanghai etc.: Kelly & Walsh limited, 1933.

A history of the the Chinese press in the nineteenth century, this work includes useful information on the establishment, editorship, and circulation of Chinese newspapers. Contains a periodical and a “persons” index.

King, Frank H. H., and Prescott Clarke. A research guide to China-coast newspapers, 1822-1911, Harvard East Asian monographs; 18. Cambridge: East Asian Research Center Harvard University, 1965.

This research monograph focuses on foreign-language newspapers published on the China coast from 1822-1911. It contains a section on the history of the newspaper industry in Canton, Shanghai and Hong Kong, as well as an annotated listing of newspapers organized by region. Includes chronological and newspaper indexes.

University of California Berkeley. East Asiatic Library, and Hoover Institution on War Revolution and Peace. East Asian Collection. A Checklist of Chinese newspapers = [Zhongwen baozhi mulu], East Asia library series ; 5. Calif.: s.n., 1986.

Lists the Chinese-language newspapers (including overseas) held at UC Berkeley and the Hoover institution as of 1983 by year and issue. Holdings include overseas Chinese publications. Organized alphabetically by Wade-Giles romanization. Contains a geographical index.

Beijing tushuguan. Beijing tushuguan guancang baozhi mulu. 北京图书馆馆藏报纸目录. Beijing: Shumu wenxian chubanshe, 1981.

This reference catalogs the newspaper holdings of the Beijing Library (the Chinese equivalent of the Library of Congress), both Chinese- and foreign-language publications, almost 3,000 items in total. This publication is the best resource for learning what newspapers are available, as the Beijing Library’s newspaper holdings are particularly extensive. Listings are organized under the headings: pre-Liberation, post-Liberation, and overseas publications. These broad categories are divided into regional segments. Foreign language newspapers are listed separately by country of origin. Mainland newspapers are indexed by stroke. Lists years and issues available.

Zhongguo shehui kexueyuan. Xinwen yanjiusuo, and Shoudu xinwen xuehui (Beijing, China). Duzhe diaocha zu. Dangdai Zhongguo baozhi daquan. 当代中国报纸大全. Yinchuan shi: Ningxia renmin chubanshe, 1988.

An annotated listing of Chinese newspapers published in the PRC up to 1987, including both public and internal publications. Entries provide a brief history of the publication, its circulation, readership, and frequency of issue. Listings are organized by type (e.g. industrial, women’s, agricultural) and listed by region.

Zhang, Qihou. Zhonggong dixia dang shiqi baokan diaocha yanjiu, 1919-1949 nian. 中共地下黨時期報刊調查研究, 1919-1949年. = Newspapers and periodicals of the Chinese Communist Party, 1919-1949. Zhonggong yanjiu congshu; 1. Taibei shi: Yongye chubanshe, 1991.

A bibliography of CCP newspapers and periodicals (1919-1949), arranged by number of strokes. It contains about 600 entries. To some entries, it has a brief information on its publisher, date and place, frequency, and contents. It also has name index and title index.

Qin, Shaode. Shanghai jindai baokan shilun. 上海近代报刊史论. Shanghai: Fudan daxue chubanshe, 1993.

A dissertation on the development of newspapers in Shanghai. It begins with an introduction, then the early period of the newspapers. It focuses on political parties, newspapers, commercial newspapers, and popular small newspapers. Finally it discusses the relationship of the Concession to the development of newspaper in Shanghai.

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