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Sources: PRC Special Collections – Military Documents

July 24, 2010

Zhonggguo di 2 lishi dang’an guan. Guomindang junzhui du hongjun changzheng dang’an shiliao xuanbian. 国民党军追堵红军长征档案史料选编. Beijing: Dang’an chubanshe, 1987.

It contains valuable documents from the KMT government and military, collected by PRC historians and archivists, that relate to KMT military strategy against the Red Army during the Long March period (1934 to 1936) including telegrams, speeches, etc. Entries are listed chronologically.

Meng, Guanghan, Zhonggong Chongqing shi wei, Dangxiao, Hongyan geming jinianguan, and Chongqing shi zheng xie, Wenshi ziliao yanjiu weiyuan hui. Kangzhan shiqi guogong hezuo jishi. 抗战时期国共合作纪实. Chongqing: Chongqing chubanshe, 1992.

Included in the Series of Di er ci guogong hezuo jishi congshu. It contains documents, newspaper articles and reminiscences tracing the origin and evolution of the Second United Front between the CCP and the KMT.

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