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Sources: Republican Chronologies

July 23, 2010

Zhonghua minguo shi shiji yao bianji weiyuanhui. Zhonghua minguo shi shiji yaochugao. 中華民國史史記要初稿. Taibei: Zhonghua minguo shiliao yanjiu zhongxin, 1971.

A series of detailed annual chronologies for the ROC, beginning in 1912 and extending to the present day. There are entries for each day of a given year. Highly detailed in contents, also includes some text citation and documentary sources.

Guo, Tingyi, and Zhongyang yanjiuyuan. Jindai shi yanjiusuo. Zhonghua minguo shishi rizhi. 中華民國史事日誌. Taibei: Gaisuo, 1978.

A four volume chronology relating brief entries of events from 1912-1949. A similar chronology by Guo Tingyi exists for Qing China.


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