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Sources: Republican Special Collections – May 4th Movement

July 23, 2010

Chou, Tse-tsung. Research guide to The May fourth movement: intellectual revolution in modern China, 1915-1924. Cambridge,: Harvard University Press, 1963.

In addition to providing bibliographic references on the May Fourth Movement itself, this indispensable volume includes an extensive list of newspapers and periodicals from the period. It also provides a separate well-annotated list of newspapers and periodicals that were founded or reformed between 1915 and 1923 (arranged by year). The bibliography lists Chinese, Japanese, and Western language books both from and related to the movement. Titles are listed in Chinese characters with Wade-Giles romanization.

Zhang, Yunhou [et al]. Wu si shiqi de shetuan. 五四时期的社团. Beijing: Shenghua dushu xin xinzhi sanlian shudian, 1979.

May 4th activists’ associations. Sections on associations are preceded by tables of contents. Each section contains some or all of the following: membership lists, lists of publications, reprints of articles, tables of meetings and who chaired them. No index. Table of contents not very detailed.

Shanghai shehui kexueyuan. Lishi yanjiusuo. Wu si yundong zai Shanghai shiliao xuanji. 五四运动在上海史料选集. Shanghai: Shanghai renmin chubanshe, 1980.

Documents about the May 4th movement in Shanghai with an emphasis on CCP activities. Arranged by category (e.g. women’s movement, intellectuals’ efforts on behalf of workers, Marxist thought, etc.). No index, but includes detailed table of contents.

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