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Sources: Republican Special Collections – Political

July 23, 2010

Liu, Shoulin. Xinhai yihou shiqi nian zhiguan nianbiao. 辛亥以後十七年職官年表. Included in Shen Yunlong, Jindai Zhongguo shiliao congkan xuji; 44. Taibei xian Yonghe zhen: Wenhai chubanshe, 1974.

Documents on military and civil government organization and personnel at the national and provincial levels, 1912-1928. Listings can be looked up by person or position held.

Wang, Zhong, and Dongfang zazhi she. Minguo zhiguan biao: minguo yuan nian yi yue zhi minguo qi nian liu yue zhi. 民國職官表: 民國元年一月至民國七年六月止. Jindai Zhongguo shiliao congkan xubian. Di 86 ji. Taibei xian Yonghe zhen: Wenhai chubanshe, 1981.

A listing of civil officials for the period 1912-1918. Shows the organization at the central and provincial levels of government.

Li, Huaxing, and Chen Xulu. Zhonghua minguo shi cidian. 中华民国史辞典. Shanghai: Shanghai renmin chubanshe, 1991.

Covers the period 1912-1949. Includes charts relating to ROC history and political organization. Entries listed by stroke order. It is a standard and reliable source.

Li, Yunhan, Yangzhi Lin, and Zhongguo guomindang. Dangshi weiyuanhui. Zhongguo guomindang dangwu fazhan shiliao: zuzhi gongzuo. 中國國民黨黨務發埋史料: 組織工作. Zhongguo xiandai shi shiliao congbian; di 13–14 ji. 中國現代史史料叢編: 第13–14集. Taibei shi: Zhongguo guomindang zhongyang weiyuanhui dangshi weiyuanhui: Jindai Zhongguo chubanshe, 1993.

Material related to Guomindang party organization and activity from 1924-1948. Includes many organizational charts. Arranged chronologically.

Waijiaobu, China (Reformed government 1938–1940). Waijiaobu, China (National Government 1940–1945). Waijiao bu, and Zhongguo di 2 lishi dang’an guan. Nanjing guomin zhengfu waijiaobu gongbao. 南京国民政府外交部公报. Nanjing shi: Jiangsu guji chubanshe, 1990.

Government bulletin series published by the Ministries of Foreign Affairs of both KMT government and the puppet governments in Nanjing covering the period from 1928 to 1949. It includes laws, orders, documents and records of diplomatic activities; 42 volumes with catalogues; arranged by issues. Every “bu” and every province had its “gong bao” and this is illustrative of the genre. Mostly regulations and diplomatic relations.

Jingshi wenshe (Shanghai, China). Minguo jingshi wenbian. 民國經世文編. Included in Shen Yunlong, Jindai Zhongguo shiliao congkan, 492–498. Taibei xian Yonghe zhen: Wenhai chubanshe, 1970.

A seven-volume compilation of early Republican essays on various aspects of statecraft, arranged by topic: politics, law, international relations, and business, e.g. Table of contents in the first volume. He Changling has compiled a similar collection for the Ch’ing period called Huang chao jingshi wenbian.

Zhongguo guomindang. Quanguo daibiao dahui. Zhongguo guomindang di yi ci quanguo daibiao dahui shiliao quanji. 中國國民黨第一次全國代表大會史料全集. Minguo shi yanjiu congshu; 7. Taibei xian Xindian shi: Zhonghua minguo shiliao yanjiu zhongxin, 1984.

This collection includes the speeches made by Sun Yatsen before the first GMD (KMT) conference in 1924, conference documents, recollections of the conference by participants, materials regarding Whampoa Academy, and a number of research papers. Organized by these subjects. Includes photos, but no indices.

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