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Sources: Republican Special Collections – 1911 Revolution

July 23, 2010

Chai Degeng 柴德赓, Shan Shikui 单士魁, et al. and Zhongguo shixuehui 中国史学会. Xinhai geming 辛亥革命. Shanghai: Shanghai renmin chubanshe, 1957.

An eight-volume collection of original documents on the 1911 revolution. Many are rare and otherwise difficult to find. An essential starting place for research on the 1911 era. Organized chronologically according to the conventional Sun Yat-sen and Tongmenghui-centered history of the revolution.

Zhonghua minguo kaiguo wushi nian wenxian. 中華民國開國五十年文獻. Taibei: Zhonghua minguo kaiguo wushi nian wenxian bianzhuan weiyuanhui, 1969.

Sixteen-volume series on the origins and development of the 1911 Revolution combiled by official Guomindang party historians.

Zhongguo renmin zhengzhi xieshang hui yi. Quanguo weiyuanhui. Wenshi ziliao yanjiu weiyuanhui. Xinhai geming huiyilu. 辛亥革命回忆录. Beijing: Wenshi ziliao chubanshe, 1981.

A multi-volume compilation of revolutionary reminiscences written or collected in the PRC.

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