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Sources: Republican Documentary Collections

July 23, 2010

Luo, Jialun, and Zhongguo guomindang. Dangshi shiliao bianzuan weiyuanhui. Geming wenxian. 革命文獻. Taibei shi: Zhongguo guomindang zhongyang weiyuanhui dangshi shiliao bianzhuan weiyuanhui, 1953–.

A large and on-going series of documents related to special topics in Republican history. The basic organization is chronologically; however, after the early volumes covered the basic history of the republican revolutionary movement, subsequent volumes returned to earlier events and added additional documents. There are 95 volumes of this series at present. An index has also been separately published.

Zhongguo guomindang. Dangshi shiliao bianzuan weiyuanhui. Geming wenxian zongmu. 革命文獻總目. Taibei shi: Zhongguo guomindang zhongyang weiyuanhui dangshi shiliao bianzuan weiyuanhui, 1968–.

Index to the Geming wenxian collection. Vol 1 covers vols. 1-40 of the main collection; vol 2 covers vols. 41-60.

Guo, Binwei, Jin Pusen, Wei Hongyun, and Nankai daxue (Tianjin, China). Zhongguo xiandai shi ziliao xuanbian. 中国现代史资料选编. Haerbin shi: Heilongjiang renmin chubanshe, 1981.

Basic primary materials including only major speeches, official publications, and telegrams between 1919-1949. Also includes information and documents pertaining to CCP at that time. Five volumes organized chronologically.

Wan, Renyuan, Fang Qingqiu, Zhongguo di 2 lishi dang’an guan, and Guoshiguang (China: Republic) Choubei weiyuanhui. Zhonghua minguo shi shiliao changbian. 中华民国史史料长编. Zhonghua minguo shi dang’an ziliao congshu. Nanjing: Nanjing daxue chubanshe, 1993.

Wu, Xiangxiang, Liu Shaotang. Minguo shiliao congkan. 民國史料叢刊. Taibei: Quanji wenxue chubanshe, 1971.

This series includes many useful primary sources and pays special attention to education, economy, and society of the republican period.

Wang, Minggen, and Jiao Zongde. “Minguo congshu” mulu: di yi–wu bian. 民国丛书目录: 第一–五编. Shanghai: Shanghai shudian chubanshe, 1996.

This is an index to a reprint series of books first published during the Republican era on a variety of topics including the classics and ancient China. It is not, therefore, strictly a collection on Republican China, but of books published during the Republican era.

Zhongguo di 2 lishi dang’an guan. Zhonghua minguo shi dang’an ziliao huibian. 中华民国史档案资料汇编. Nanjing: Jiangsu renmin chubanshe: Jiangsu sheng xinhua shudian faxing, 1979.

Based on another compilation entitled Zhongguo xiandai zhengzhi shi ziliao huibian (1919-1949). The series consists of five sections: 1911 revolution; provisional government in Nanjing; Beiyang government (1912-1927); from Guangzhou military government to Wuhan nationalist government(1917-1927); KMT government (1927-1949). Documents are arranged by topic and time period.


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