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Sources: Qing Special Collections – Economy & Commerce

July 23, 2010

Chen, Zhenhan. Qing shilu jingji shi ziliao (Shunzhi—Jiaqing chao, 1644–1820). 清实录经济史资料(顺治—嘉庆朝, 1644–1820). Beijing: Beijing daxue chubanshe, 1989.

A selection of economic-related materials from the Qing Shilu. It is divided into three parts covering the period 1644-1820. The first volume focuses on agriculture with sections on population, land, taxation, and peasant rebellions; the second volume focuses on trade and handicraft industry; the third volume focuses on the finances of Qing government. There is also a continuation to the set entitled Qing shilu donghualu jingjishi ziliao 清实录东华录经济史资料, which includes economic-related materials from 1821-1908.

Zhongguo kexueyuan. Jingji yanjiusuo, Li Wenzhi and Zhang Yuyi. Zhongguo jindai nongye shi ziliao, 1840–[1937]. 中国近代农业史资料. Zhongguo jindai jingji shi cankao ziliao congkan di san zhong. Beijing: Shenghuo dushu xinzhi sanlian shudian, 1957.

Contains documents on agriculture, divided by topic. UCSD only has volume 3 (1927-1937), but volume 1 covers 1840-1911; and volume 2, 1911-1927. Volume 3 is highly political, addressing subjects like exploitation by landlords, Guomindang activities, etc. The Qing volume, while governed by a Marxist materialist framework, contains much valuable material in an easily accessible form.

Peng, Zeyi. Zhongguo jindai shougongye shi ziliao (1840–1949), 中国近代手工业史资料. Zhongguo jindai jingji shi cankao ziliao congkan di 4 zhong. Beijing: Shenghuo dushu xinzhi sanlian shudian, 1957.

A broad collection of documents containing information on crafts, artisans, and local industry between 1840 and 1949 in a three volume set. Organized chronologically. Each volume is subdivided by province and industry type, e.g, silk, cotton etc. Also inclued are period illustrations of looms, workspaces, mills, kilns, etc.

Chen, Zhen. Zhongguo jindai gongye shi ziliao. 中国近代工业史资料 [Souce Materials on the History of Industry in Modern China]. Beijing: Sanlian shudian, 1957.

Source materials on the history of the modern industrial economy in modern China. It is divided into 4 parts. The first volume deals with the development of national-capital industry, the second deals with industries with foreign investment, the third and fourth volumes deal with industries which have close relations with the government from the late Qing to the Republican period, the fifth and final volume deals with the characteristics of Chinese industry, its capital and structure, and gives overviews of the development of various industries.

Chen, Hansheng, Lun Wendi, Peng Jiali, Chen Zexian, and Zhongguo di 1 lishi dang’an guan. Zhongguo guanwenshu xuanji. Huagong chuguo shiliao huibian; di 1 ji. 华工出国史料汇编; di 1 ji. Beijing: Zhonghua shuju, 1985.

Ten volume set containing documents (some are translations from English to Chinese) and studies on Chinese laborers abroad.

Nie, Baozhong. Zhongguo jindai hangyun shi ziliao. 中国近代航运史资料. Shanghai: Shanghai renmin chubanshe, 1983.

Documents on Chinese navigation and shipping, 1840-1895.


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