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Sources: Qing Special Collections – Foreign Relations

July 23, 2010

Wen, Jing, Zhen Jia, and Yun Bao, Chouban yiwu shimo. 籌辦匈務始末. Edited by Yunlong Shen, Jindai Zhongguo shiliao congkan, 551 [etc.]. Taibei xian Yonghe zhen: Wenhai chubanshe, 1970.

This work contains all the correspondence and memorials relating to China’s handling of the “Western barbarians.” Emperor Daoguang is volume 551, parts 1-10, consisting of 80 juan. Emperor Xianfeng is volume 581, parts 1-10, consisting of 80 juan. Emperor Tongzhi is volume 611, parts 1-10, consisting of 100 juan. The first book in each set has a table of contents that gives the dates for materials covered in each juan, but gives no indication of content or of which juan are in each book. 544 of these documents from the Daoguang and Xianfeng reigns are translated in Earl Swisher’s China’s Management of the American Barbarians, Yale, 1953.

Rowe, David Nelson. Index to Ch’ing tai ch’ou pan i wu shih mo. Hamden, Conn.: Shoe String Press., 1960.

Zhang, Guiyong, and Zhongyang yanjiuyuan. Jindai shi yanjiusuo. Jiaowu jiaoan dang, Zhongguo jindai shi ziliao huibian. 教務教案檔, 中國近代史資料匯編. Taibei: Zhongyang yanjiuyuan jindai shi yanjiusuo, 1974.

A multi-volume collection of photo-offset documents from the Zongli Yamen archives relating to Qing interactions with foreign missionaries. Includes edicts, memorials, correspondence, and legal cases deriving from anti-missionary and anti-Christian incidents. Organized by province; the table of contents is very detailed, giving the date of communication, author, and topic. Volumes arranged chronologically.

Zhang, Deze, and Gugong bowuyuan (China). Wenxian guan. Qing ji ge guo zhaohui mulu. 清紀各國照會目錄. Edited by Yunlong Shen, Jindai Zhongguo shiliao congkan xuji; 80. Taibei xian Yonghe zhen: Wenhai chubanshe, 1974.

Lists the subject titles of more than 3,800 zhaohui (diplomatic notes) received by the Qing starting in 1839.


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