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Sources: Qing Special Collections – Statecraft

July 23, 2010

He, Zhangling. Huang chao jingshi wenbian. 皇朝經世聞編. [120 juan]. Edited by Yunlong Shen, Jindai Zhongguo shiliao congkan, 731. Taibei xian Yonghe zhen: Wenhai chubanshe, 1972 [1897].

A collection of over 2,000 articles of Qing scholars on statecraft. Divided into topical categories, these articles deal with governmental institutions and policies and various important economic, political, social, and ritual problems during Qing period. It also contains brief information about the authors. There are also several continuations to it, such as the Huang chao qing shi wenbian by Ge Shirui, which include many influential articles on statecraft from the late Qing.


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