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Sources: Bibliographies, Special Topics (Chinese)

May 6, 2010

Zhuang, Yingzhang, and Yiyuan Li. Zhongguo jiating zhi yanjiu lunzhu mulu. 中國家庭之研究論著目錄, Hanxue yanjiu zhongxin congkan. Mulu lei; di 6 zhong. Taibei shi: Hanxue yanjiu zhongxin, 1987.

A thin but very useful bibliography of articles and books in Chinese and English on topics related to family in China. Divided by topic. Includes materials on kinship, marriage, child-rearing, overseas Chinese, population policy and many other subjects. Includes historical subjects, but strongest on contemporary China and Taiwan. No comments are included with the listings. Indexed by author.

Zhongguo dang’anju erchu, Nankai daxue lishixi, Zhongguo shehui kexueyuan lishisuo tushuguan, eds. Zhongguo jiapu zonghe mulu. 中国家谱综合目录. Beijing: Zhonghua shuju, 1997.

Lists 14,719 genealogies by surname, arranged by number of strokes. The geographical location of the family is indicated in each entry; and a geographical index is also provided. The edition, editor, size and holding library are indicated for each entry. Taiwan, Japanese and U.S. holdings are included from published bibliographies of genealogies in those places.

Wang, Yuhu. Zhongguo nongxue shulu. 中國農學書錄. Dongjing: Longxi shushe, 1975.

A bibliography of works related to agriculture from ancient times through the Republican era. One index is by title name by number of strokes; another groups the works into basic categories (e.g., irrigation, sericulture, animal husbandry) and then lists by title name in stroke order.

Wang, Shiqing. Taiwan yanjiu zhongwen shumu. 台灣研究中文書目. Edited by Association for Asian Studies and Committee for Taiwan Historical Studies, Source materials series; no. 1. Taibei: Huanqiu shushe, 1976.

A Chinese bibliography for Taiwan local historical studies.

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