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Sources: Bibliographies, Reference

May 6, 2010

Zhu, Jinfu, Ni Daoshan, Cao Xichen, Yu Yuchu, and Zhongguo dang’an xuehui dangan wenxian bianzuan xueshu weiyuanhui. Zhongguo dang’an wenxian. 中国档案文献词典. Beijing: Zhongguo renshi chubanshe: Xinhua shudian jingxiao, 1994.

The title here is somewhat misleading. This is not a dictionary to archival documents, but an annotated bibliography of published source materials. It provides a very useful guide to archival and original source materials compiled and published during the period from pre-Qin dynasty to 1990. The 3,985 entries are organized into several periodization: from pre-Qin to Han, Three kingdom to Tang, Song-Yuan, Ming, Qing, ROC and PRC. Each entry provides title, authors, press, date and place, volume and a useful abstract of the archival material included.

Lin, Tiesen. Zhongguo lishi gongju shu zhinan. 中国历史工具书指南. Beijing: Beijing chubanshe: Xinhua shudian Beijing faxing suo jingxiao, 1992.

This guide includes more than 2,500 reference books on Chinese history published in Chinese (including PRC, Taiwan and Hong Kong publications), Russian, Japanese and Western languages. Divided into general history, dynasty history and special research fields, it contains bibliographies, dictionaries, encyclopedia, digests, calenders, maps and other reference information in each part, with annotations to many reference books. It also has a title index. Very useful.

Zhang, Jinlang. Zhongwen cankao yongshu zhinan. 中文參考用書指引. Taibei shi: Wenshi zhe chubanshe, 1979.

A very useful guide to reference books. It includes over 2,800 reference books on Chinese studies published in Taiwan, Japan, the United States, and other areas (except the Chinese Mainland) during the years 1948-1983. Divided into sections on bibliographies, dictionaries, encyclopedia, yearbooks, biographical references, law and statistics, and handbooks, this guide gives critical annotations to nearly 1,000 reference books which the author considers important. It also has title and author indexes. Very useful for non-PRC publications.

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