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Sources: Bibliographies, Special Topics (Western)

May 6, 2010

Cheng, Lucie, Charlotte Furth, and Hon-ming Yip. Women in China: bibliography of available English language materials. Berkeley, Calif.: Institute of East Asian Studies University of California Center for Chinese Studies, 1984.

Contains 4,100 entries dating to 1981. Organized under detailed subject headings. Author, “Chinese women as subjects” indexes.

Wei, Karen T. Women in China: a selected and annotated bibliography, Bibliographies and indexes in women’s studies no. 1. Westport, Conn.: Greenwood Press, 1984.

Organized by subject. Predominately English sources. Short summary follows each listing. Author and title indexes.

Teng, Ssu-yü. Protest and crime in China : a bibliography of secret associations, popular uprisings, peasant rebellions, Garland reference library of social science; v. 86. New York, N.Y.: Garland Pub., 1981.

A valuable reference for anyone interested in resistance and rebellion in China. Organized alphabetically with an extensive subject index.

Thompson, Laurence G. Chinese Religion in Western Languages: A Comprehensive and Classified Bibliography of Publications in English, French, and German through 1980. Tuscon: University of Arizona Press, 1987.

An extremely complete and useful bibliography of Western literature on all aspects of Chinese religion. Basically divided into sections on Chinese Buddhism and all other Chinese religions—though Christianity and Islam are not included in the latter. Within each section, titles are arranged topically, with subject headings ranging from Art and Symbolism, to Ethics and Practice, State and Religion, Taoist Sects, Divination, Rites and Ceremonies, Magic and Sorcery, and Religion under Communism. The Buddhist section includes extensive sections on Art and Iconography, Caves and Mountains, Schools, Ch’an and Popular Buddhism. The range, accordingly, is from textual to aesthetic to anthropological approaches to Chinese religion. Also includes author index.

Thompson, Laurence G. with Gary Seaman. Chinese Religions: Publications in Western languages, 1981-1990. Los Angeles, Ca.: Ethnographics Press, Center for Visual Anthropology, University of Southern California, 1993.

Updates the 1987 bibliography above, in basically the same format.

Thompson, Laurence G. Studies of Chinese religion: a comprehensive and classified bibliography of publications in English, French, and German through 1970. Encino, Calif.: Dickenson Pub. Co., 1976.

Now superceded by the newer editions above.

Bauer, Wolfgang, and Institut für Asienkunde (Hamburg Germany). Western literature and translation work in Communist China. Frankfurt/Main,: A. Metzner, 1964.

Chan, Ming K., and Hoover Institution on War Revolution and Peace. Historiography of the Chinese labor movement, 1895-1949: a critical survey and bibliography of selected Chinese source materials at the Hoover Institution, Hoover Press bibliographical series ; 60. Stanford, Calif.: Hoover Institution Press Stanford University, 1981.

This is a beautifully organized book. Included within its summary of Labor history are numerated references to the Hoover collection. You can also find references under publication types by following marginal notations. This volume includes 728 titles which are also listed by author with Chinese characters, Wade-Giles romanization, and English translations of the titles.


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