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Sources: Bibliographies, Republican (Western)

May 6, 2010

Gibbs, Donald A., Yun-chen Li, and Christopher C. Rand. AA bibliography of studies and translations of modern Chinese literature, 1918-1942. (1975).

A selective bibliography, only of works translated into English. Arranged by author, and then type of writing (e.g. essays, poems, plays, etc.).

Yu, Ping-kuen, and Association of Research Libraries, Center for Chinese Research Materials. Research materials on twentieth-century China: an annotated list of CCRM publications. Association of Research Libraries, Center for Chinese Research Materials, Bibliographical series; no. 15. Washington: Center for Chinese Research Materials, Association of Research Libraries, 1975.

CCRM has organized and made available materials that have been acquired by U.S. libraries. Exceptional annotations of newspapers and periodicals.

Chang, Hsu-Hsin, and Leonard H. D. Gordon. Bibliography of Sun Yat-sen in China’s Republican Revolution, 1885-1925. Lanham, Md.: University Press of America, 1991.

Beginning on page 262 is a list of period documents, including some interesting government documents and personal correspondences. The entries are listed in Chinese and Wade-Giles romanization with English translations of titles, and (extemely helpful to the researcher) the library or collection ( including private collections) where the documents can be found.


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