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Sources: Bibliographies, General (Western)

May 6, 2010

Skinner, G. William, Winston Hsieh, Shigeaki Tomita, and Joint Committee on Contemporary China. Subcommittee on Chinese Society. Modern Chinese society; an analytical bibliography. Stanford, Calif.,: Stanford University Press, 1973.

Extensive compilation of books and articles on China, with a focus on economic and social history. Separate volumes for English, Chinese, and Japanese language sources. Detailed subject index; capability to cross-reference listings by geographic region. Holdings of major libraries are also indicated. Now much dated, but indispensable for earlier material.

Têng, Ssu-yü, and Knight Biggerstaff. An annotated bibliography of selected Chinese reference works. 3d ed, Harvard-Yenching Institute studies 2. Cambridge, Mass.,: Harvard University Press, 1971.

This volume provides annotations for eight categories of reference works: bibliographies, encyclopedias, dictionaries, geographical works, biographical works, tables, yearbooks, and indexes. The index section is organized along the categories of the Siku quanshu: classics, histories, philosophy, and belles-lettres. Still valuable as an introduction to the key references on Qing and earlier Chinese history.

Bibliography of Asian Studies. Association for Asian Studies, Ann Arbor, MI.

The online version of the Bibliography of Asian Studies contains more than 410,000 records on all subjects pertaining to East, Southeast, and South Asia published worldwide from 1971 to the present. Through the 1991 volume of the printed version (published in 1997, covering titles published in 1991), the annual volumes of the BAS included citations to Western-language periodical articles, individually authored monographs, chapters in edited volumes, conference proceedings, anthologies, festschriften, etc. Since 1992, newly published individual monographs are no longer being added to the database. The 1992 annual volume will not be published in print form. This service is available only through institutional or individual subscriptions.

Association for Asian Studies. Cumulative Bibliography of Asian Studies, 1941-1965, Subject Bibliography, 4 vols. G.K. Hall, 1970-71; Cumulative Bibliography of Asian Studies, 1965-1970, Subject Bibliography, 3 vols. G.K. Hall, 1972; Cumulative Bibliography of Asian Studies, 1965-1970, Author Bibliography, 3 vols. G.K. Hall, 1973.

These collect the material from the annual Association for Asian Studies Bibliography of Asian Studies for the years prior to the on-line catalogue. Contents and organization as above.

Cordier, Henri. Bibliotheca Sinica. Dictionnaire bibliographique des ouvrages relatifs l’Empire chinois. [2. éd.,rev., corr., et considéablement augm.] ed. Hildesheim Ger. New York: G. Olms, 1971.

Contains 70,000 listings in Western languages dating from the late 16th century to 1924. Written in French. Organization under very broad subject headings, rather unwieldy in this regard. It remains, however, one of the best sources to access very early writings on China. An author index to the volume has been published.

Cordier, Henri, and Columbia University Libraries. East Asiatic Library. Author index to the Bibliotheca sinica of Henri Cordier. New York: Columbia University, 1953.

An author index to the Bibliotheca Sinica.

Yuan, T’ung-li, and Henri Cordier. China in Western literature; a continuation of Cordier’s Bibliotheca Sinica. New Haven: Far Eastern Publications, Yale University, 1958.

Contains 18,000 entries dating from 1921-1957. It is organized by subject heading and geographical region, respectively. Author index.

Fairbank, John King, Kwang-ching Liu, and Harvard-Yenching Library. Modern China; a bibliographical guide to Chinese works, 1898-1937, Harvard-Yenching Institute studies ; v. 1. Cambridge,: Harvard University Press, 1961.

Brief but useful annotations, divided by subject and sub-subject. Includes general reference, historical works, government and law, histories by period, foreign affairs, economic data, social movements and education, intellectual history, and newspapers and journals.

Kamachi, Noriko, Chûzô Ichiko, and John King Fairbank. Japanese studies of modern China since 1953: a bibliographical guide to historical and social science research on the nineteenth and twentieth centuries: supplementary volume for 1953-1969, Harvard East Asian monographs; 60. Cambridge, Mass.: East Asian Research Center Harvard University : distributed by Harvard University Press, 1975.

Annotated bibliography of Japanese sources relating to the study of modern China. An “Introduction” surveys the field of Chinese studies in 20th century Japan. Organized by subject. Author, general indexes.

Feuerwerker, Albert, and S. Cheng. Chinese Communist studies of modern Chinese history. Edited by Harvard University, Chinese Economic and Political Studies. Cambridge,: East Asian Research Center Harvard University, 1967.

An interesting bibliography of almost 500 books published on Chinese history in the PRC between 1949 and 1959. Provides an introduction to historiographical issues of the time. Divided by topic, including the May Fourth movement, Qing rebellions, the Opium War, economic topics, intellectual history, reference materials, and many others.

University of London. School of Oriental and African Studies Library, and John Lust. Western books on China published up to 1850 in the Library of the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London: a descriptive catalogue. London: Bamboo, 1987.

Zurndorfer writes, “This volume is an invaluable source for following publishing trends on China in Europe from medieval missions to great explorations” (62).

Hucker, Charles O. Chinese history; a bibliographic review. Washington,: Service Center for Teachers of History, 1958.

The annotations may still make this useful for undergraduates with no Chinese language ability, but note the date.

Chesneaux, Jean, and John Lust. Introduction aux etudes d’histoire contemporaine de Chine: 1898-1949. Paris,: Mouton, 1964.

A bibliography in French of secondary sources on the period 1898-1949, divided by subjects. Includes an introduction and short explanations of specific historical issues. Strongest in political topics. Provides detailed information on many of the books it lists, but does not include very many books.

Na, Tsung-hsün. Chinese studies in English: a selected bibliography of books, AICS bibliographical series ; no. 1. Charles Town, W. Va.: American Institute of Chinese Studies, 1991.

Organized under broad subject headings. Contains author and general indexes.

Soong, James Chu-yul, and Library of Congress. Chinese materials on microfilm available from the Library of Congress. Washington,: Center for Chinese Research Materials Association of Research Libraries, 1971.

Gives a brief history of the microfilm materials collected by the U.S. Library of Congress. Lists microfilm collections by type of publication and gives a brief summary of contents.

Yang, Lien-sheng. Sinological studies and reviews. T’ai-pei shih: Shih-Huo Publisher Co., 1982.

Syllabus of Chinese sources for a wide range of topics.

Kao, Kuo-kan, and Jen-yung Wu. China press and publishing directory, 1985 = Zhongguo baokan he chuban minglu 中國報刊和出版名錄. Beijing. Detroit, MI: Jointly published by Modern Press and Longman Group. Exclusively distributed in the USA, its possessions and Canada by Gale Research, 1985.

Most citations in English with some Chinese.

Gentzler, J. Mason, and Columbia University. Committee on Oriental Studies. A syllabus of Chinese civilization. 2d ed, Companions to Asian studies. New York,: Columbia University Press, 1972.

“Elementary but useful” for those with a little background. (Wilkinson, 2)


Association for Asian Studies. Bibliography of Asian Studies.

Published annually under this title since 1956, and under other titles from 1936. The 1992 volume (published in 1998) is to be the last, and the series will be superceded by the on-line version (above). A comprehensive listing of books and articles on Asia in Western languages, arranged by broad subject categories.

Revue bibliographique de sinologie. Paris: Mouton, 1955-.

Annual publication. Written in French and English. Lists and reviews recent publications relating to Chinese studies. Organized by subject. Author, general indexes. Zurndorfer warns that this publication is “highly selective” in its listings (63).

Bibliography of Chinese Studies. Berlin: Ostasien-Verlag, 1983-.

Annual publication. Lists Chinese, English, and German articles relating to Chinese studies. Subject, author indexes.


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