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Sources: Gazetteers, Bibliographies/Checklists/Catalogs

May 6, 2010

Wang, Zhaoming, and Langyun Fu. Zhonghua gu wenxian da cidian. 中华古文献大辞典. Changchun shi: Jilin wenshi chubanshe, 1991.

Includes over 2,500 gazetteers, which are divided into national, regional, provincial and local gazetteers, special gazetteers, miscellaneous gazetteers, frontier geography, travel writings, maps, etc.. Arranged by strokes of the titles, with author and subject index.

Chengwen chubanshe. Zhongguo fangzhi congshu mulu. 中國方誌叢書目錄 = Local gazetteers of China. Taibei shi: Chengwen chubanshe, 1976.

Chang, Fang-hua. A checklist of Chinese local histories = Zhongguo fangzhi mulu, East Asia library series ; 4. Berkeley ; Stanford: Stanford-Berkeley Joint East Asia Center, 1980.

Jiaqing zhongxiu yitong zhi. 嘉慶重修一統誌. Taibei: Taiwan shangwu yinshuguan, 1966.

A comprehensive gazetteer compiled in the Jiaqing reign of materials from China’s four corners relating to geography, administration, local customs, famous sites, economy, people, local history, etc. Many of the local gazetteers were compiled for inclusion in this imperial-level Yi tong zhi. Index at the beginning of volume one.

Pan, Xi’en, and Wang Yunwu. Jiaqing zhongxiu yitong zhi suoyin ben. 嘉慶重修一統誌索引本. Taibei shi: Taiwan shangwu yinshuguan, 1966.

Index to the Jiaqing Zhong Xiu Yi Tong Zhi, above.

Brook, Timothy. Geographical sources of Ming-Qing history. Ann Arbor: Center for Chinese Studies University of Michigan, 1988.

Zhu, Shijia. Zhongguo difangzhi zonglu. 中國地方誌總錄. Taibei shi: Xinwen feng chuban gongsi, 1975.

A catalog of local gazetteers organized by province. Gives gazetteer name, number of juan, editor, publication date, and library holding (Mainland China, Taiwan, Japan, and the U.S.). Originally published in 1934.

Zhuang, Weifeng, Zhu Shijia, Feng Baolin, Wang Shuping, and Zhongguo kexueyuan. Beijing tianwentai. Zhongguo difangzhi lianhe mulu. 中国地方志联合目录. Beijing: Zhonghua shuju, 1985.

Catalog of local gazetteers ordered by city and province. Lists all known gazetteers for each region by publication date. Gives dates of compilation and/or revision, editors, and library holdings (P.R.C. only). If holdings are incomplete, it gives which sections are available at which location.

Leslie, Donald, Jeremy H. C. S. Davidson, and Australian National University. Dept. of Far Eastern History. Catalogues of Chinese local gazetteers. Canberra,: Dept. of Far Eastern History Research School of Pacific Studies Australian National University, 1967.

Library holdings organized by geographic region: P.R.C., Taiwan, Australia, Japan, Europe, and the U.S. Also gives information on special topics: ancient and rare gazetteers, e.g. Includes geographical index and bibliography.

Lowe, Joseph Dzen-Hsi, and University of Washington. Libraries. A catalog of the official gazetteers of China in the University of Washington. Zug,: Inter Documentation Co. AG, 1966.

Organized alphabetically (Wade-Giles romanization) by province. Includes at least some gazetteers that are not in more recent works.

Morton, Andrew, and China Library Group. Union list of Chinese local histories in British libraries. Oxford, Eng. London: China Library Group; distributed by Oriental Institute Library, 1979.

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