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Sources: Gazetteers, Reference

May 6, 2010

Zhongguo difang shizhi xiehui. Zhongguo difang shizhi luncong. 中国地方史志论丛. Beijing: Zhonghua shuju, 1984.

A series of articles on the study of local gazetteers. Includes critiques of some which are held to be riddled with errors. It also discusses how to use different gazetteers (mentioned by name), and how to edit the originals for publication, etc.

Difang shizhi yanjiuzu. Zhongguo difangzhi lunji: (1911–1949), (1950–1983). 中國地方誌論集: (1911–1949), (1950–1983). Jilin sheng tushuguan xuehui congshu; 61–62. Hong Kong?: s.n., 1987.

Collections of articles on the study of gazetteers published between 1911 and 1983. It has a useful bibliography which provides a more complete list of articles on gazetteers. Includes information on how to edit gazetteers.

“Zhongguo fangzhi da cidian” bianji weiyuanhui. Zhongguo fangzhi da cidian. 中国方志大辞典. Hangzhou: Zhejiang renmin chubanshe, 1988.

A reference work which covers words and phrases used in gazetteers; theory; names of provincial gazetteers; people and institutions involved in the compilation of gazetteers. Also includes selected articles on gazetteer writing. Indexed by stroke.

Chen, Cheng-siang, and Hong Kong Chinese University. Zhongguo fangzhi de dilixue jiazhi. 中國方誌的地理學價值: Xianggang Zhongwen daxue jiangzhuo jiaoshou jiuzhi jiangyan Chen Cheng-siang = Geographical Evaluation of the Chinese Fangzhi; An Inaugural Lecture Given by Cheng-siang Chen. Xianggang: Xianggang Zhongwen daxue, 1965.

Introduction to uses and value of gazetteers. Discusses the gazetteer as an historical source, the types and contents of gazetteers, sources used to compile them, as well as their format, style, and limitations with a focus on the value of the geographical information found in gazetteers. Also includes an English summary of the author’s findings at the end of the book.

Fu, Zhenlun. Zhongguo fangzhixue tonglun. 中國方誌學通論. Renren wengu; 189. Taibei: Taiwan shangwu yinshuguan, 1970.

General introduction to gazetteers. Contains chapters on scope, types, names, nature, value, and uses of gazetteers. Also includes chapters on their position in academic scholarship, famous gazetteer scholars, various library holdings.

Huang, Wei. Zhongguo difangzhi cidian. 中国地方志辞典. Hefei shi: Huangshan shushe, 1986.

Contains various kinds of names and phrases associated with gazetteers (approximately 500 entries), names of gazetteer compilers, and gazetteer scholars (about 300), phrases commonly used in gazetteers (approximately 420), indexes and catalogues of gazetteers (about 30 entries), articles about gazetteers, prefaces to gazetteers, articles on how to compile gazetteers, organizations that do gazetteer compiling, and miscellaneous conferences that have dealt with gazetteers. Entries are indexed at the back by stroke order.

Lin, Tianwei. Difangshi ziliao yanjiu lunwen ji: zupu, fangzhi, zhuangji zhi yingyong yu jiazhi. 地方史資料研究論文集: 族譜, 方誌, 傳記之應用與價值. Centre of Asian Studies Occasional Papers and Monographs; no. 64. Hong Kong: Centre of Asian Studies of Hong Kong, 1985.

Collected papers from a conference held Dec.1982 at Center for Asian Studies in Hong Kong, Most of which actually talk about the collection, preservation and uses of genealogies and local gazetteers.


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