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Sources: Maps, Specialized

May 6, 2010

Relating to specific events and topics

Zhang, Haipeng. Zhongguo jindai shigao ditu ji. 中国近代史稿地图集. Shanghai: Ditu chubanshe, 1984.

Maps showing armed struggles, wars and rebellions in China from the Opium Wars through 1918. Index by stroke number of place names and names of wars, rebellions, etc.

Xinhai geming Wuchang qi yi ji nianguan. Xinhai gemingshi ditu ji. 辛亥革命史地图集. Beijing: Zhongguo ditu chubanshe, 1991.

A book of maps of the 1911 revolution. Includes a chronology, but no index.

Wu, Yuexing, Zhongguo kangri zhanzheng shi xuehui, Zhongguo renming kangri zhanzheng jinianguan, and Zhongguo ditu chubanshe. Zhongguo kangri zhanzheng shi ditu ji, 1931–1945. 中国抗日战争史地图集. Zhongguo kangri zhanzheng shi congshu. Beijing: Zhongguo ditu chubanshe, 1995.

Maps showing resistance against Japan, 1931-1945. No index, but a detailed chronology is included at the back. Photos of people and battles are included alongside the maps themselves.

Zhongguo dizhi kexueyuan. Dizhi yanjiusuo. ill. Maps; 38 cm, and Wuhan dizhi xueyuan. Zhongguo gu dili tuji. 中国古地理图集. Beijing: Ditu chubanshe, 1985.

A book of paleogeographical maps of China produced by the Chinese Geological Institute. Covers all geologic time periods with explanatory notes and information on the development of geologic sciences in China.

He, Huide, Weishengbu laonian yixue yanjiusuo (China), and Beijing yiyuan. Zhonghua renmin gongheguo laonian renkou ditu ji. 中华人民共和国老年人口地图集. Beijing: Ditu chubanshe, 1986.

A book of maps displaying elderly population ratios. Useful for determining dependency ratios and identifying areas where population aging may pose particular problems.

Jilin Province (China). Wenhua ting, and China. Guojia wenwu zhu. Zhongguo wenwu ditu ji. 中国文物地图集. Beijing: Zhongguo ditu chubanshe, 1993.

Book of maps showing locations of historical artifacts and existing structures. Index of objects listed by stroke order of first character.

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