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Sources: Maps, Pre-20th Century

May 6, 2010

Includes reproductions and contemporary maps of pre-20th-century China

Herrmann, Albert, Paul Wheatley, and Norton Sydney Ginsburg. An historical atlas of China. New ed. Chicago,: Aldine Pub. Co., 1966.

A one-volume set of maps of China ranging from prehistorical times through the late 1950’s. Based on the 1935 book entitled Historical and Commercial Atlas of China also by Herrman. 1950’s maps display population, agriculture, transportation and industry. Index in romanization. Characters do not appear on the maps, but are referenced in the back.

Tan, Qixiang. Zhongguo lishi ditu ji. 中国历史地图集 = The Historical Atlas of China. Shanghai: Ditu chubanshe: Xinhua shudian Shanghai faxingsuo faxing, 1982.

A beautifully produced set of maps. Prefectural, but not county, boundaries indicated on separate maps for each province. Major rivers and topographical features noted. Complete index by radical. The 8 volumes separately cover each chronological period, from pre-Shang through Qing.

Yang, Shoujing, Teng Chengxiu, and Rao Dunzhi. Lidai yudi yange tu. 歷代域地沿革圖. Taibei: Lianjing chuban shiye gongsi, 1981.

An eleven-volume set of historical maps, ranging from prehistory through the Qing. The eleventh volume is an index of place names organized first by time period, then by stroke number of the first character.

Hsieh, Chiao-min. Atlas of China. New York,: McGraw-Hill, 1973.

A thorough, basic atlas of China in English. Includes physical, cultural, and basic historical maps (about one per major dynasty). Also provides a few interesting three-dimensional maps and several city plans.

Cao, Wanru. Zhongguo gudai ditu ji: Zhanguo—Yuan. 中国古代地图集: 战国—元 = An Atlas of Ancient Maps in China. Beijing: Wenwu chubanshe, 1990.

An atlas of historical maps in color plates from the Warring States period through the Yuan dynasty. Includes essays in Chinese with English abstracts on historical and cartographical issues related to the maps.

Smith, Richard J. Chinese maps: images of “All Under Heaven”. New York: Oxford University Press, 1996.

A beautiful little book on the history of cartography in China. Includes color reproductions of old maps and discussions of cartography and related topics, such as representations of “barbarians.”

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