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Sources: Maps, Republican

May 6, 2010

Zhang, Qiyun. Zhonghua minguo ditu ji. 中華民國地圖集. Yangmingshan: Guofang yanjiu yuan, 1963.

Political and topographical maps by province. County boundaries indicated. Major towns labeled in English and Chinese. Index. Well printed. Easy to use. Probably best atlas for Republican China.

Ting, Wên-chiang, Weng Wen-hao, and Tseng Shih-ying. Chung-hua min kuo hsüeh and industrial maps circa 1930. Index in Wade-Giles.

Characters do not appear on the maps, but are referenced in the back.

Tôa D’obunkai (Japan), 東亞同文會 and Ryôun Shobô Henshûbu. Chûgoku bunshô chizu: 1918-nen-1944-nen. 中國分省地圖: 1918年–1944年. Tokyo: Ryôun Shobô, 1981.

A single-volume book of historical (1912-1949) maps without romanization organized by province. Accompanying text is Japanese. The maps are fairly difficult to read, and include only basic symbols identifying key ecological features.

Japan. Rukuchi Sokury’obu. Chûgoku tairiku gomanbun no ichi chizu shûsei. 中國大陸五萬分之一地圖集成. Tokyo: Kagaku Shoin: Hatsubaimoto Kasumigaseki Shuppan Kabushiki Kaisha, 1986.

Three-volume set of enormous maps from the 1920’s and 1930’s produced by the Japanese military. Organized by province. The characters are blurry and difficult to read, but the scope is enormous. A standard-sized index is available. The scale is 50,000:1, making it a very detailed source and invaluable when village-level identification is necessary. It should be noted, however, that these maps—many based on Chinese army surveys—were invariably done by outsiders and often apparently based on oral identifications, and village names (and characters) are frequently unreliable.

Kagaku Shoin (Itabashi-ku Tokyo Japan), and Japan. Rikuchi Sokury’obu. Ch’ugoku tairiku gomanbun no ichi chizu sh’usei sakuinzu. 中國大陸五萬分之一地圖集成索引: fukumu, Kyû Manshû gomanbun no ichi chizu shûsei. Tokyo: Kagaku Shoin : Hatsubai Kasumigaseki Shuppan Kabushiki Kaisha, 1994.

Standard-sized index to the enormous set of maps entitled Chugoku Tairiku Gomanbun no Ichi Chizu Chusei. Index by character and by many different romanization types, including systems used by French and German speakers.

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