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Sources: Geographical Dictionaries

May 6, 2010

Organized chronologically

Zhao, Quancheng. Qingdai dili yangebiao. 清代地理沿革表. Jindai Zhongguo shiliao congkan xubian; 628. Taibei xian Yonghe zhen: Wenhai chubanshe, 1979.

This book lists the administrative district changes during the Qing dynasty. Organized by province and administrative region. Includes charts and a four-corner index.

Li, Zhaole. Lidai dilizhi yanbian jinshi. Tai 1 ban, ed., Taibei shi: Taiwan Zhonghua shuju, 1965.

This compilation dates to 1837; it relies on information gleaned from the Standard Histories (Teng and Biggerstaff, 156). Arranged by rhyme, it may frustrate those not used to this method.

Playfair, G. M. H., and Édouard Constant Biot. The cities and towns of China, a geographical dictionary. 2d ed. Shanghai etc.: Kelly & Walsh limited, 1910.

This dictionary provides the location (including latitude and longitude) and administrative status (ca. 1910) of the place listed. It also contains a helpful section which organizes the provinces by their administrative units. It lists circuits, prefectures and counties. Although organized alphabetically, this volume has a radical index.

Zang, Lihe. Zhongguo gujin diming da cidian. Xianggang: Shangwu yinshuguan Xianggang fenguan, 1982.

This place-name dictionary is widely cited in reference works. It gives the location (in 1930s terms) for ancient and modern place-names (Wilkinson, 124).

Xiao, Jianzhong. Zhongguo xianshi gailan. 中国县市概览. Beijing: Haiyang chubanshe, 1991.

This contemporary reference work is arranged by province. It provides geographical and historical data for each listing. It also includes indexes for persons, shrines, and places. (Zurndorfer, 185)

Xiao, Derong, and Zhongguo da baike quanshu chubanshe. Shijie diming lu. 世界地名录. Beijing, Shanghai: Zhongguo da baike quanshe chubanshe, 1984.

This reference book is helpful in providing Chinese transliterations of foreign place-names. It contains English, Chinese, and location indexes. (Zurndorfer, 186)

Liu, Junren. Zhongguo diming da cidian. 中國地名大詞典. Taibei: Wenhai chubanshe, 1967.

This geographical dictionary provides the location and a brief administrative history of the place named. Organized by radical, it also contains a Wade-Giles index.

Niu, Ruchen and Wei Yanyun. Yuanyu diming de Zhongguo xingshi. 源于地名的中国姓氏. Beijing: Tianzi gongye chubanshe, 1988.

This volume relates clan names to their historical places. Organized alphabetically by surname.

United States Board on Geographic Names, United States. Geographic Names Division, and United States. Defense Mapping Agency. Mainland China, official standard names approved by the United States Board on Geographic Names. 2nd ed. Washington, D.C.: Defense Mapping Agency, 1976.

Yan, Chongnian. Zhongguo shixian da cidian. 中国市县大辞典 = The Encyclopedia of Chinese Cities & Counties. Di 1 ban, ed. Beijing: Zhonggong zhongyang dangxiao chubanshe: Xinhua shudian jingxiao, 1991.

This work contains comprehensive entries for cities, arranged by province and indexed by stroke (Zurndorfer, 185). It provides contemporary statistics for the places it lists.


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