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Sources: Legal Dictionaries

May 6, 2010

Wang, Yiying. Zhonghua faxue da cidian. 中华法学大辞典. Beijing shi: Zhongguo jiancha chubanshe, 1997.

A large law encyclopedia. It is divided into 10 volumes: legal theories, legal history, constitutions, civil law, labour law, administrative law, economic law, criminal law, procedure law, and international law. Each volume is arranged by pinyin. In the volume of labour law, it has an index.

Jiang, Ping, Cao Zidan, Wu Zhangzhen, and Yan Duan. Zhongguo sifa da cidian. 中国司法大辞典. Changchun shi: Jilin renmin chubanshe, 1991.

Dictionary about ancient and modern judiciary. The 5,500 entries are divided into the following categories: general features, criminal law, civil law, economic law, administrative law, foreign law, and ancient law.

Li, Qing, Li Fang, Ma Xinfu, Long Sirong, and Gao Ge. Zhonghua shiyong faxue da cidian. 中国实用法学大辞典. Changchun: Jilin daxue chubanshe, 1988.

A large comprehensive legal dictionary, it contains over 10,000 entries of legal terms, including legal phrases, special terms, law, regulations, legal theories and schools, codes, legal texts, and persons.

Xue, Bo. Han Ying falü da cidian. 汉英法律大辞典. Beijing: Waiwen chubanshe, 1995.

This dictionary contains about 70,000 entries. Most are drawn from Chinese legal terms, the rest being Chinese translations of foreign legal terms, mainly English terms. It pays much attention to the meanings of the words in the context of social development. A large number of the economic legal terms have been included. arranged according to the order of Chinese phonetic alphabet, with pinyin and stroke index.

Jin, Guangming, and Zhanghua Wang. Ying Han faxue da cidian. 英漢法學大辭典 = English-Chinese Dictionary of Law. Taibei shi: Wuzhou chubanshe, 1988.

Contains 40,000 entries of legal terms.


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