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Local Archives

This section is a supplement to Ye Wa and Joseph W. Esherick, Chinese Archives: An Introductory Guide (Berkeley: Institute of East Asian Studies, University of California, Berkeley, 1996). The format follows that of the Ye and Esherick guide, and the information will be most useful to those familiar with the guide. Any researchers interested in purchasing a copy of the guide may visit the website of the U.C. Berkeley Institute for East Asian Studies, or they may e-mail easia [at] berkeley [dot] edu specifying author and title, CRM 45.

This section is still very much “under construction.” At present only six provinces’ local archives (about 200 archives in all) are listed. It is hoped that the total will eventually increase to close to 1000 local archives. Added to the 597 archives covered in Ye and Esherick, this will extend our coverage to almost half of the 3,522 archives reported in 1990. In the future, as more local gazetteers (the source for the information below) are published, the data will be added to this site.

This section of the site would not have been possible without the able research assistance of Brett Sheehan (now of the University of Wisconsin, Madison), Ye Wa (UCLA), and Zhou Guanghui (UCSD). Their contribution is gratefully acknowledged.

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