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Miriam Gross, “The Invention of Modernity: Chinese Historians Help Tradition Fight Back!

Miriam Gross, “Postulating Peasants and Upholding Urbanites: A Reassessment of China’s Rural-Urban Divide

Brent Haas, “Bleeding the ‘Red’ out of Mao and the (Ivory) White Terror: Popular and Academic Responses to Mao: The Unknown Story

Chris Hess, “The Theme of Pragmatism vs. Ideology in Chinese Intellectual History

Dahpon D. Ho, “A Warlord by Any Other Name?: Writing Chiang Kai-shek in the Historiography of Republican China

Gerry Iguchi, “Who Cared About Whether Mao was a Marxist or Not? Liberal Historiography and Chairman Mao

Jeremy Murray, “Biography of Place: Local Studies and the Nation-State in Chinese Historiography

Jeremy Murray, “China in the International Spotlight: Some Problems in the Analysis of PRC Narratives by Foreign Scholars

Sigrid Schmalzer, “The Tragedy of Modern China: Fatalism and Missed Opportunities in the Historiography of Modern China, 1951-1974

Rachel Scollon, “Psychology, the Mind, and the Social Organism: the China Field, 1953-1974

E. Elena Songster, “China Scholars’ Response to Vietnam

Zhou Guanghui, “In Search of A New China: State, Society and the Fate of Modern China

Jeremy Brown, “Sex, Status, and the Cult of the Early Modern: New American Works on China’s Eighteenth Century

Miriam Gross, “A Scholarly Continuum: The Impact of Subject, Space, and Time on Qing Dynasty History Narratives

Brent Haas, “Coastal China or Inland Empire?: Toward a Balance in Qing Frontier Studies

Jiangsui He, “From Royalist to Localist: Shifting Scholarship on Local Gentry of Late Qing

Dahpon D. Ho, “Where Do They Not Govern?: Women Writers, Yamen Staff, and Litigation Masters in New Qing Historiography

Ellen Huang, “Beyond State and Society: In Whom Does China Trust?

Xiaowei Zheng, “Sinicization vs. Manchuness: The Success of Manchu Rule

Jeremy Brown, “Terrible Honeymoon: Struggling with the Problem of Terror in Early 1950s China

Miriam Gross, “Shaped by Paradigm: The Effect of Disciplinary Lenses on Analysis of Early 1950s China

Brent Haas, “The Politics of Permission: Sources and Interpretations In the Scholarship on the Early Years of the PRC

Jiangsui He, “Tradition, Modernity, and Communism: Two Studies on Chinese Peasant-State Relations During 1949-1952

Dahpon D. Ho, “Myths and Missed Opportunities: The Possibilities of Sino-American Accommodation in Scholarship on Early 1950s China

Ellen Huang, “The Reality of Ideology: Rethinking the Early Years of PRC Rule

Ji Hee Jung, “State and Society in Early Socialist Transition

Xiaowei Zheng, “Revolution and Tradition: The State-Society Relationship in Chinese Industries, 1949-1952

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